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Rain check Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

Definition of rain check. 1 : a ticket stub good for a later performance when the scheduled one is rained out. 2 : an assurance of a deferred extension of an offer especially : a document assuring that a customer can take advantage of a sale later if the item or service offered is not available (as by being sold out)

Rain check - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

1.a piece of paper allowing one to see an event -- which has been canceled -- at a later time. (Originally said of sporting events that had to be canceled because of rain. *Typically: get~; have ~; take ~; givesomeone ~.) The game was canceled because of the storm, but we all got rain checks on it.

Rain check - definition of rain check by The Free Dictionary

rain check. n. 1. A ticket stub entitling the holder to admission to a future event if the scheduled event is canceled because of rain. 2. An assurance to a customer that an item on sale that is sold out or out of stock may be purchased later at the sale price. 3.

Urban Dictionary: raincheck

rainchecked. Having plans cancelled at the last minute. Usually occurs when the person with whom you had plans gets a better offer, or is too tired /hungover/ grouchy /pissed off at you to want to hook up. I was going to have dinner with my homie, but he was too sleepy to go so he rainchecked me.

RAIN CHECK | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

rain check definition: 1. a piece of paper that you are given by a shop when something that is advertised for sale at a…. Learn more.

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Rain check Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Rain check definition, a ticket for future use given to spectators at an outdoor event, as a baseball game or concert, that has been postponed or interrupted by rain. See more.

What Does Rain Check Mean? | The Word Counter

According to Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, the term rain check is a noun that can refer either to the physical ticket stub that one can use to attend a later performance or exhibition when the one that is scheduled is rained out, or it can refer to the promise of some deferred offer.

I'll take a rain check - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

A rain check is a ticket given to spectators at US sporting events enabling them to claim a refund of their entrance money or gain admission on another occasion if the event is cancelled because of rain. The rain-check system is mentioned as operating in US sports grounds in the late 19th century; the figurative use of the word dates from the early 20th century.